Students in bootcamp

Our Motto

It is mastery of the simple things that brings true success in life: Spiritual Identity, Physical Fitness, Good Nutrition, Time Management, Financial Management, Goal Setting, Service to others.

Our programs are highly structured and designed to rebuild your child's lost self-esteem, sense of family, and faith. A typical stay is one year. For more free short term and long term program information click here today

You can turn your troubled teens life around. Our youth camps are reality based specially developed to help teach principles that govern true success in life. A parent's first line of defense in holding onto their teen in a world with so many entities pulling at them is to teach, train, and help them truly internalize the principle of choice and accountability. Contact us today, and request more information about our immediate openings.

Is your teen:

  • Disrespectful, defiant, and/or rebellious
  • Making poor choices
  • Experimenting with drugs, sex, and/or alcohol

If this sounds like your teen, request more information click here today and get the help your family needs.

What our Students say…

I am now able to control my emotions in a constructive way and not focus my thoughts and actions on being so negative.